Examination Concession Assessments

The education department and the IEB have acknowledged that there are learners through no fault of their own are unable to reach their true potential in an examination setting. By not providing the learner with concessions is seen to be a form of unfair discrimination. However, in order to achieve these concessions a thorough assessment needs to be conducted. In order to qualify for a concession or accommodation learners need to have been assessed and to show at least average intellectual ability and a significant long term learning disability which will compromise examination performance, these assessments have to be done professionally through either a Child Psychologist, Educational Psychologist or a therapist with serious experience in Psychotherapy.

Concessions offered are as follows;

  • Extra time
  • A prompter
  • A scribe (someone to write down their answers)
  • A reader (someone to read the exam paper for them)
  • Amanuensis (A person who reads and scribes for the learner)
  • Spelling concessions
  • Handwriting concessions (for learners who suffer from Dysgraphia)
  • Braille
  • Enlarged print
  • Use of a computer
  • Permission to take food / medication during the examination
  • Practical assistant
  • Rest breaks
  • Separate venue
  • Permission to use special equipment